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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reminiscence of Festival fever songs

It's Christmas time Mommy I want to turn on the songs. This was the excuse I often give to my Mamma for turning on those vintage collections which I still hold dear for two decades now. Yes, I have a peculiar taste for collection of Festival songs, which often reminds me of my childhood days. I often give priority to Christmas because its Xmas season all over and people exchange cookies, candies, Christmas carols, party time so on and so forth.
So, the list goes like this,
Christmas season songs - "We wish you a merry Christmas" from "The Countdown Kids Collection".


Thursday, December 1, 2011

All most every people love music. Music is a feed of our soul. However, all songs are not good to listen in any time. However, there are some of the songs, which are popular for all the times. These songs are known as All Time Hit Songs. 
These songs are popular from their born to now on and will be remained in the future. All Time Hit Songs can be categorized into top love song, top rock songs, top hip-hop songs, top festival songs, top childish songs, etc.
You can find all of these songs listed in this blog. These blog might help you to find out songs, which gain the reputation for all time and known as All Time Hit Songs. If you have any suggestion about it, you can post a comment. You are very appreciated by us, if you give us your useful comments.
The listed songs are mostly English music. However, we are working to listout other top songs also. English is an international language so all time hit English songs are hit in all over the world. So, these songs are listed first. However, other rich languages like Bangle and Hindi have good reputation for songs. Bangale songs are well-known in all over the world. So, we are trying to add All Time Hit Songs in Bangla.
We are providing free download links for every song listed in this blog to fulfill your need. So, my friends I think you will enjoy these songs and become a fan of all time hit songs Facebook fan.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Love is gift of god. It comes from our soul. A love song describes the feelings of love. People of any age (young mostly) like to enjoy love songs very much.
Some love songs are popular for all times. Its popularity is remaining forever. Below some of the top love songs are listed, you enjoy those songs.

Music choice is varied to man to man. Someone like soft song and someone like hard rock. Music is our food of mind. When

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We feel bored on working or anytime in break we listening music to give feed to our soul.

 For people who like rock music can enjoy the following music. These songs are too much rocking and must be loved by rocking people.